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How to Tell if Your Sharpstone Grinder or Press Is Authentic or Counterfeit

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Update time : 2019-09-16 00:03:03

Many SharpStone® herb grinders and Pollen Presses nearly the internet and locally at the United States are counterfeit! These counterfeit grinders are dreadful quality and sometimes own metal shavings (a latent health hazard). scan our direct ought learn how ought talk if your grinder is authentic or fake, plus scan where you can buy authentic aluminum SharpStone Grinders and Presses.


1) restrain the Logo! There are a quantity of things wrong with the counterfeit grinders shown. First, SharpStone no longer uses the ™ mark above their grinders! sum new authentic SharpStone grinders will consume a ® symbol, although SharpStone is now a Registered Trademark. However, this control does no apply above sum pollen presses. standard Pollen Presses will consume a ™ symbol, however the T-Shaped Pollen Presses will consume a ® symbol. The second riddle at the first image is that the logo is white above the counterfeit grinder! SharpStone does no apply ANY white lettering above their non-clear climax grinders. Typically lettering/logos will simply exist a lighter shade of the color of the Grinder/Press.

2) restrain the Color! Many of the counterfeit SharpStone Grinders are anodized at a color that isn't even produced by SharpStone. The only colors produced with the reeling crank manage are: Black, Silver, Copper, or blaze Blue. Other types of SharpStone Grinders and Presses are produced at the following colors: Black, Silver, Copper (Brown), blaze unfortunate (Blue), Grey, Red (Burgundy), Purple, Pewter (Green), or Pink. The colors at parentheses are what the colors are labeled above the brown cardboard box, cabin most retailers refer ought the other color name. if you consume a color other than what is listed, you energy consume a counterfeit product.

3) restrain the coat & Finish! SharpStone Grinders and Presses are high quality products! The teeth to never rub together and you to never look metal shavings at your grinder, these are tell-tale signs of a sham SharpStone®. if you consume a reeling manage grinder, then you to desire the manage ought exist sturdy, it to no wobble.

4) restrain the hole pattern! note how few holes are above the counterfeit grinder. Having accordingly few holes at the counterfeit grinder will effect it ought clog often. Many of the holes at the counterfeit grinder are also much also large, allowing identical big particles ought autumn through. This leaves the user of the counterfeit grinder with a chunky, poorly base blend!
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